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Links to Veterans' Web Sites

On this page you will find links to Web pages veterans might find useful. They include federal and state government veterans' service agencies; our state's elected officials in the House and Senate; the military branches' home pages, personnel offices and retiree service offices; and other federal departments of potential interest to disabled veterans.

Veterans' Service Agencies

Department of Veterans Affairs Home Page

Department of Veterans Affairs Online Application Forms
Apply for your federal veteran's benefits online!

Department of Veterans Affairs - Directory of Veterans Service Organizations
Find other veterans' support organizations

Portland VA Medical Center

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs
Information on benefits provided to resident veterans by the State of Oregon

Elected Officials

US Congressman Earl Blumenauer's Website

US Congressman Earl Blumenauer - Contact Earl

US Senator Jeff Merkley

US Senator Jeff Merkley - Mail Comments

US Senator Ron Wyden's Homepage

US Senator Ron Wyden - Mail Comments

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
Access to every bill submitted in the House and Senate, and links to every legislative agency

Department of Defense

Department of Defense myPay Web Site
Paymaster for all branches of service, including retirees

RAPIDS Site Locator
Need a new military ID card? This site will help you locate the nearest military personnel center
with access to the DOD's Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System

US Army

US Army Homepage

US Army Human Resources Command

US Army Retirement Services

US Navy

US Navy Home Page

US Navy Personnel Command

US Navy Retired Activities Branch

US Air Force

Air Force Link - Official Web Site of the US Air Force

Air Force Personnel Center

Air Force Personnel Center Retiree Page

US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps Personnel Management Support Branch

US Marine Corps Retired Activities Home

US Coast Guard

US Coast Guard

US Coast Guard Personnel Command

US Coast Guard Retiree Home Page

Federal Government

Official website for searching the U.S. Government

US Government Information

Social Security Online

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